The Ramblings of a Young Entrepreneur

Day seven of my 30-day blog challenge¬†and I thought I’d take the time to rant a little bit. ūüôā

Positivity first: I am SO proud of myself right now for a number of reasons. First, I’m an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a self-employed young person. I’m basically a child as far as I’m concerned. So to be where I am right now is pretty great. Secondly, I’m actually chugging my way through this blogging challenge. And now…

On to the rant!

It’s¬†incredibly difficult to be a virtual assistant, or self-employed in general, at my age. In my¬†mind, I see myself competing with degrees and 20+ years of experience from nearly everyone in my field. If not that, then I’m fighting¬†with rates lower than mine and feeling self-conscious that I’m charging too much. I know that’s certainly not the case but the thought still creeps up occasionally.

I’m not necessarily uncomfortable¬†sharing my age (even though asking is pretty much taboo for most people). I just always consider it an awkward reveal. It usually comes up during a “get to know me” call¬†where I get the questions: “Are you married? Kids? Degree?” HAHAHA none of the above. And I’m okay with that. I just never know if they¬†are.

This is still very much a learning process for me, as I’m sure it is with many of you. The concept I’m currently trying to grasp is that I can’t leave other people to determine my value for me. I appreciate criticism but I can’t¬†let that form my entire opinion of myself,¬†be it personal or professional.

Over the past year and¬†(almost) six months of working for myself, I’ve slowly¬†warmed up to¬†actively branding myself and showing potential clients and connections who I am up front.

I’m weird. Get over it.

I’ve seen loads of people that present themselves with the utmost professionalism. They seem like they’re pulled straight from a Forbes magazine or something. But I have a sixth sense for oddballs and a¬†lot of these people are putting on an impeccable front. I applaud you. Me, I can’t do it. Nope. Not at all. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my hair is blue. Well, it was blue. I just really like the pictures I have up right now. ūüôā I change my hair about every two weeks because I get SO bored. And I used to worry about that. I never wanted to wear my natural hair in photos, but I wasn’t 100% comfortable doing headshots with my waist-length, bright blue faux locs. Not to mention my 7/16″ plugs and snakebites. Thankfully, I’ve finally realized I don’t care.

I’m eccentric. I’d like to work with people who can handle that. If the rings in my face make you uncomfortable, we might not work out. I laugh a lot. A lot. Especially when I’m nervous. (Social anxiety does that to you.) But I’m actually really funny. So if you can’t laugh with me, I probably won’t want to work with you. I’m teaching myself to only aim for personality types that can mesh with me. It only makes the future work easier. I can’t communicate well with people who are serious ALL THE TIME. Those people scare me.

There’s no sensible conclusion for¬†a post like this, so…yeah.


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