Knowing Your W’s: Who, What & Why


The deeper I go into my journey as a virtual assistant, the ore I realize how important it is to know your Ws. The Ws are your who, your what, and your why. As straightforward as that is, I’m still going to break it down for you.



This is your ideal client. Who are you catering to? How old are they? What do they do for a living? What part of the world do they live in? Having a clear idea of who it is that you want to work with helps you to solidify your brand’s image. You can shape your brand’s image to meet the needs and wants of your ideal client. Want to work with single mompreneurs? Post things about time management, prioritizing, and balancing work with family. Trying to snag some graphic designers? Create custom graphics and choose vibrant colors for your brand to catch their eye.



You’re probably thinking this is just what services you’re providing. If so, close but no cigar. This WHAT  is about what problems you’re solving for your client. What benefits are you providing? Your WHAT should be the foundation on which your marketing strategy is built. {Your WHAT should be your client’s WHY in hiring you.} Anyone can offer the service of running Facebook ads. But not everyone promotes the benefit of increasing engagement across all social media platforms as a result. Keep this in mind when you’re marketing or pitching to potentials and leads.



This one isn’t news. We hear this all the time as entrepreneurs.

“Know your why.”

We hear it so much because it’s that important. If you don’t know why you started or why you’re doing what you do, there’s no foundation to your business, no driving force behind it. Without a foundation — you guessed it — things collapse. And the last thing any entrepreneur wants is for their business to collapse. So you have to know your WHY.


TL;DR? Here’s your summary. 

In business, you have to know WHO your target market it. If you don’t, you won’t know how or where to direct your marketing.

You need to know WHAT you have to offer your target market. Services are one thing but benefits are what really drive a sale. 

Finally, if you don’t know WHY you’re running your business, then what’s the point? Your WHY is your motivation, inspiration, and foundation for everything.


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