Social Media Set-Up

Who is this for?

This service is for any business owner or blogger trying to connect with their customers and increase their online presence. It’s also great if you want to exhaust every virtual resource to drive traffic to your website.

Why would you need this?

Getting a jump start on your social media game can…

Make and keep your business relevant within your industry

Drive organic traffic to your website (which means more comments, sharing, and SALES)

Help to build a relationship between you and your customers

What do you get?

To welcome you into the world of social media, this package gets you…

Up to four new social media accounts (most commonly Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) to share your content,  complete with profile picture, cover image, bio, and basic information

Integration between your website and social media accounts to keep everything connected and consistent

The first three posts for each account

A pre-made posting schedule to help you stay on top of things

Social Media Management

Who is this for?

The SMM package is for anyone who…

Is too busy to keep up with their social media accounts

Has no idea where to start with social media

Wants to improve their online presence

Why would you need this?

Outsourcing social media tasks can help you…

Stay consistent with your social media posting

Increase interactions and build relationships with your customers

Save time that can be better spent on other parts of your business

What do you get?

This package covers one month of social media management. This includes…

Up to 15 weekly tweets, complete with hashtags, images, and backlinks

Up to five weekly Facebook page posts – original and shared content

Up to 15 weekly Instagram posts with fleshed out captions and tags for substance

Up to five weekly LinkedIn company page posts

Responses to messages and post comments

Need to add some customization? Contact me to schedule a discovery call. Let’s hash out the details and get you a quote.

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