5 Telltale Signs Your Business Needs to Outsource

Everyone’s catching wind of the virtual assistant craze right now but some entrepreneurs are still in the dark on why they would need one. Here are five major giveaways that you should consider hiring a virtual assistant.

1. Your work is counterproductive

Is your productivity level dropping? Have you noticed that you’re getting less and less items crossed off your to-do list lately? Is your brain constantly darting back and forth between things that still aren’t finished? If you’re not hitting your own productivity standards (or more importantly, your client’s), it’s about time you hire some help.

2. You’re overworked

No one should be pulling their hair out thinking about work. That’s certainly no way to run a business. When you’re stressed and overworked, the quality of your work, product, etc. quickly starts to fall. Not every business van be a one-man-show. So if this is you, consider working with a virtual assistant.

3. You’re doing all the “grunt work”

Like I said, not every venture is a one-man-show. You don’t see too many CEOs working the checkout lines (unless you watch “Undercover Boss,” of course). People at the top of the ladder should be working on “top of the ladder” tasks, making power moves. It’s important to have someone under you, be it one VA or a small team, to help you manage the smaller parts of your business.

4. Your business isn’t growing

When’s the last time you created a new promotional product? Presented a webinar? Went to a networking event? These are the types of things business owners should be taking care of, not checking their inboxes 12 times a day. As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to focus on the things that will expand your business, not just the things that keep you afloat.

5. Your wallet is drier than the Sahara

And finally we end up here. Money. No one likes to overspend. If you’re paying for a full-time employee, you’re responsible for paid breaks, overtime, vacation time, tax deductions, and every other headache along for the ride. With someone on your payroll full-time, you might be spending more than that person’s worth to your business. Virtual assistants are known for being the better bang for your buck, which is just one of many reasons to hire one.

In all honesty, it’s not rocket science to know when your business needs help. Maybe you’re stubborn. Maybe you just needed someone to say something. Well I’m saying something. If you and your business are in a rut and you’re running yourself ragged, consider hiring a virtual assistant. That’s what we’re here for. 😉


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