5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

The big trend right now for business owners is hiring a virtual assistant, but there are some who still aren’t on board with the idea. Thankfully I, amongst various other VAs, are here to lay out the shimmering benefits of working with one of us.

No need to provide workspace or equipment

Virtual assistants work remotely, which means there’s no reason for you to set aside a cubicle, desktop computer, printer, etc. for your latest team member.

pay only for hours workPay only for hours worked

With an employee, you’re required to withhold taxes and provide paid vacation and break time, as well as a number of other expenses on the business’ behalf. With a virtual assistant, you pay only pay for time they spend working on your business. VAs are much easier on your wallet.


Get more personal time

Delegating some of your most time-consuming tasks to a VA frees up a lot of your personal time. One of the beautiful freedoms of running your own business is being able to choose your vacation time, to an extent. A VA definitely helps loosen the restrictions on that availability.

Can focus more on growing your business

While your virtual assistant is taking care of all those time suckers, you have time to direct your attention to the important tasks for your business. You’ll have more time to focus on networking and in-person marketing, coaching, and creating new products to showcase to your clients.

Do the work you actually enjoy

There’s no need to check your email every five minutes or write up notes from meetings or any other menial nonsense. Pass that on to a VA and work on the things you actually enjoy. Graphic designer? Get started on some new designs to showcase in your portfolio. Public speaker? Take time to write some clever zingers for your next presentation.

What I’m saying is: there’s nothing but benefit to come from hiring the right virtual assistant. Still not convinced? Google is your friend, ladies and gents. Google is your friend.


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