4 Reasons I Became a Virtual Assistant

It’s not every day that you see someone jump from a music major to a virtual entrepreneur. And yet, here I am. Growing up I was torn between my three greatest loves: music, math, and technology. A strange combination, I’m often told, but I’m a strange person in general. So that’s quite all right. These three things followed me all my life. From choral groups to musicals to being three years ahead in math all throughout school to learning how to hack accounts (courtesy of my step-father), I was all over the place. I thought I finally settled down into my musical niche but after a messy exit from the college life, I decided to come home and try my hand at online work.

Enter stage left: Aiyana Holton, the virtual assistant.

Everyone always asked me: Why? And by everyone I mean everyone who’d hoped to ride on my coattails into musical fame. In any case, I thought long and hard and there are four major reasons I decided to officially work from home full time.


How many people can say they choose what time they get up in the morning? Decide their own office hours? Create their own wage or salary? Not a whole lot. My anti-authority self loved the idea of choosing when I worked, how long I worked, and how much I deserved to get paid.

Meeting New People

Initially I had no idea who would hire me. I started out on Upwork (formerly known as oDesk) as a freelancer. That introduced me to people from Australia, Canada, and various places across these United States. I’m a sucker for the unknown and I admittedly know very little about so many places across the globe. So naturally the possibility of meeting someone from Papua New Guinea or Moscow was very intriguing to me.

Endless Opportunity

Like anyone looking into working for themselves, I did a whole lot of Googling to see what others in this field were getting into. I never realized how vast of a world virtual work truly was. Everyone doesn’t clear inboxes all day long or update blog posts every other day. It still amazes me how many niches there are available and how many needs people seem to have. I’ve seen businesspeople who specialize in webinar assistance, WordPress theme design, and transcription. In reality, I could do anything I wanted so long as I had the willpower to actually learn the necessary skills.

No Pants Required

I’m absolutely serious. I hate pants. They are the worst. If it were socially acceptable to never wear pants, I would literally never wear pants. In reality, this should be at the top of my list. Granted I knew working from home didn’t mean I could laze about all day and do nothing, but I did know that I could still get work done without the requirement of pants.

So that’s me. I was fascinated with the vast opportunities that could come my way and I still am. Are you a virtual assistant, or any type of virtual entrepreneur? Maybe you’re not yet but you’re definitely thinking about it. What got you started in this direction? I’d love to know so share it in the comments.

*Did I mention no pants?*


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