Alas! A visitor!

It’s a pleasure to see you’ve discovered Aiyana Holton Virtual Assistance. Now I could start this off with what I do and how I can help you. But let’s try something new and kick this off with some things about you.

You’re probably here because you’re someone that has a lot going on–maybe a high-maintenance blog or even your own virtual assistance company–and you simply don’t have enough heads for all the hats you wear. Lucky for you, I’ve got a delightfully convenient hat rack. (Too corny?)

If you have a lot on your plate and you just cannot handle it all, you’re probably in the right place. Not you? Stick around anyway. You might need me, too.

Question: What is the first thing you think of when you hear “virtual assistant” or “VA”?

Seriously, the very first thing. Most people think administrative assistance or a just good way to outsource. And these aren’t wrong at all. However I see virtual assistance a little differently.

Virtual assistance is an art.

Dramatic, yes, but true. A lot of hard work, focus, and discipline goes into becoming a successful VA.

My goal with AHVA and as a VA overall isn’t just to rake in the monies (but it’s no doubt in the top five). Ultimately I want two things out of this business: to become a bottomless pit of knowledge for other VAs and to help small businesses reach their fullest potential.

And there are two key ways for me to reach those goals. First, I need boss content to share. Second, I need even more boss services to offer. (I think you know what’s coming next.)

Check out my latest blog posts down below to see the kinds of knowledge bombs I’m dropping. And don’t forget to pop open a new tab and get to know me. I’ve been told I’m pretty great. Then, of course, swing over to my services page and see everything I offer that’ll help push you and your business to ridiculous heights. Like Yao Ming heights. All right, I’ll stop now.

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